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Serving Medina's Youth Soccer players ages 4 through 13
Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade

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  • Fall 2015 Medina Travel (Rangers and Classics) tryout schedules posted.  You can find out more info about Rangers Tryouts HERE or Classics Tryouts HERE.  If you have questions about tryouts please email  or

  • Summer Camp dates have been updated... register today!

  • Fall 2015 Registration to be open in June; if you have any questions about Fall Soccer please email
  • STAY INFORMED, sign up now for Field Conditions alerts, including field closings.  Just text MSAFIELDS to 84483 or click on the Rained Out logo under the traffic light to sign up.  Text STOP at any time to cancel the alert service. 
  • Support the future of soccer in Medina; buy a paver brick at the HIVE today!


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" I don't believe skill was, or ever will be, the result of coaches.  It is a result of a love affair between the child and the ball."

   - Roy Keane

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Green Light

Monday, 5/4/2015
All Fields Open

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Upcoming Dates

6/6 - End of Spring Rec Season

Medina Travel Tryouts
Meet at Cunningham Pavilion 30 minutes prior to scheduled tryout time

Fall U8 - 5/26, 6-7:30pm
Fall U9, 5/27&28, 5:30-7pm
Fall U10, 5/27&28, 6:30-8pm
Fall U11, 6/1, 6-8pm
Fall U12, 6/2, 6-8pm
Fall U13/14, 6/3, 6-8pm

Fall U8 - 5/26, 6-7:30pm
Fall U9, 5/28, 5:30-7pm
Fall U10, 5/27, 6:30-8pm
Fall U11, 6/1, 6-8pm
Fall U12, 6/2, 6-8pm
Fall U13, 5/27, 6-7:30pm
Fall u14, 6/3, 6-8pm
MGSDP, 6/4, 6-7:30pm


 Help Wanted

MSA is always looking for Volunteer Help!  Please email if you are interested!