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Board Member Biographies

Larry Zajac President

Wei Ma, Vice President

Nate Elseser Director of Recreation U7 & Below

Jason Stepp, Director of Recreation U8 & Above


Tim Pelton, Director of Boys Travel (Rangers)

Jasen Cusick, Director of Girls Travel (Classics)

Jasen Cusick, a current resident of Medina, has played and/or coached soccer for most of his life.  He grew up in northern California where he attended undergraduate and graduate school.  With three kids and a love for sports, particularly baseball and soccer, Jasen started coaching youth sports in 2007.  His coaching philosophy has always been rooted in having fun, yet stressing the fundamentals of the sport, encouraging creativity, and looking for continued growth.

In 2011, Jasen and his family moved to Medina, Ohio to be closer to his employer’s headquarters.  He quickly became involved with Medina Soccer Association through volunteer coaching. Jasen was appointed to the MSA board as the Director of Girls Travel (Classics) in November 2014. 

When not at work, Jasen can be found running, playing in adult soccer leagues, and trying to keep up with his active family. 

Patrick O'Reilly, Secretary

Pat has lived in Medina for the last 12 years with his wife Christina and they are originally from Strongsville, Ohio. They have two boys that are active in a variety of athletics for Medina including baseball, basketball, football, and one that plays for Medina Rangers. Pat has been a volunteer coach for each team his boys have played on over the years, donating his time to teach boys and girls these specific sports since 2008. He is currently a Team Manager/Assistant Coach for his son’s Ranger team.

Pat has played several sports over the years at different levels such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball. Having come from Strongsville and being part of their soccer association as he grew up, he decided that he wanted to try and help Medina move in that same direction.  “Medina is a growing community and we have a fantastic Rec and Travel program in the city, but there is always room for improvement. I want to hopefully look back in several years and know that I was part of the group that helped the soccer program in Medina be one of the best around.”

Mindy Newman, Director of Registration

John Harvey, Director of Indoor Facility

Jon Handwerk, Director of Referees

Frank Horvath, Director of Fields
Frank and his family moved to Medina in 2003.  He and his wife have 4 children.  Frank has been a trainer with Medina Rangers for over 10 years, and been coaching high school, travel, or club soccer since 1990. When not coaching with MSA you can probably find Frank out at the fields cutting, lining , or setting something up.