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Goal Safety Policy

Goal Safety Policy April, 2009 

 Goal Safety Policy April, 2009 It is the intention of the Board of Directors of the Medina Soccer Association (MSA) that goal safety be a priority. Therefore, the following policy is adopted. 

1. All MSA coaches and trainers will receive a copy of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) “Guidelines for Moveable Soccer Goals Safety”, containing clear instructions as to how to make goals safe and secure. An online link to this policy will also be available on the MSA website. 

a. All Coaches, Assistant Coaches and/or trainers must have a copy of this Goal Safety Policy and the CPSC “Guidelines…” with them at all times and must be able to present these policies/guidelines at the request of any MSA Board member, OYSAN representative or referee. Failure to do so will result in the following penalties: 

i. 1st Offense – Written warning from MSA Board of Directors. 

ii. 2nd Offense – One game suspension. 

iii. 3rd Offense – Suspension for remainder of season. 

2. MSA will require for all programs and every activity: 

a. The coaches, assistant coaches and/or trainers for each game and/or activity will make a physical inspection of each goal prior to the game and/or activity to assure that goals are securely anchored in accordance with CPSC guidelines and/or manufacturer’s guidelines. 

b. The coaches, assistant coaches and/or trainers for the last game and/or activity of the day will make sure the goals are safely stored in accordance with the CPSC guidelines and/or manufacturer’s guidelines. 

c. That all parents and guardians are told of the dangers of unsecured goals and the parents’ responsibility to keep kids away from goals, and to secure goals if necessary. 

d. MSA Board Members will conduct random site surveys. 

3. Coaches, assistant coaches and trainers will remind their players, and discuss with the team’s parents, the necessity of players and siblings not playing, climbing, or moving goals. It is deemed appropriate that the players isolating this rule may, at the coaches discretion, serve a one game suspension. Players consistently violating the rule will be subject to a disciplinary hearing before the Board. 

a. Coaches, assistant coaches and/or trainers found in violation of this policy will be subject to the following penalties:

i. 1st Offense – One game suspension. 

ii. 2nd Offense – Suspension for remainder of season. 

iii. 3rd Offense – Permanent suspension from MSA coaching activities. 

4. When visiting or using non-MSA owned fields and/or goals, it is important to remind the owners of the fields and/or goals of the safety requirements. This is in addition to the checking of goals as listed above. 

5. The President of MSA will have random site surveys done to certify compliance with this policy. 6. The President of MSA will certify to OYSAN no later than November 1 of each year that a policy is in place and is enforced.