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MSA Recreation FAQ

Recreation FAQ

 1) When is registration?

  • Fall season, registration is during the months of June & July.
  • Spring season, registration is during the months of January & February.
  • Winter programs, throughout the winter depending on session and activity.
  • Late Registration for both Fall & Spring will include Late Fees.

 2) How do I register?

There are two (2) ways you can register:

  • Online at  the Medina Soccer Association website (Link:
  • At the In-Person All-Sports Registration event at the Medina Community Rec Center in January (For Spring Registration ONLY). See the MSA Registration Web Site (in January) for more details.

3) How old does my child have to be to play soccer?

MSA runs on the school year calendar with the fall soccer season being the initial season for the soccer 'year'. Your child must be 4 years of age by July 31st prior to the fall and spring seasons. For example, your child must be 4 by July 31, 2012 to play in the fall 2012 season and/or the spring 2013 season.

4) Does my child need soccer experience to play?

No. This is recreational play for all children. No matter how old the child is, soccer experience is not necessary.

5) What equipment does my child need?

CLEATS - For the C5 and U6 players, a majority of the players wear cleats but some do wear sneakers. For the U7 players and above, the players wear cleats. MSA does not require the player to wear cleats, but for safety purposes, especially on wet grass, it is strongly encouraged.

INDOOR SHOES – During the winter indoor programs, players can wear cleats, turf shoes, indoor soccer shoes or just plain sneakers.

SHIN GUARDS – The players MUST wear shin guards to practice and to games. There are two (2) types of shin guards; with the plastic guard in the sock as one unit or with the plastic guard separate. When separate, socks are required to be worn over the shin guards. Either type is okay to wear.

BALLS – Each player should bring their own soccer ball to practice. The players do not need to bring a soccer ball to the soccer matches. There are different ball sizes according to age;

C5, U6, U7 – all use a size 3 ball.

U8, U9/10, U11/12 – all use a size 4 ball.

U13/14, U15/16 – all use a size 5 ball.

SHIRTS – MSA provides team shirts to wear for the matches for the fall and spring seasons only.

SHORTS and SOCCER SOCKS – The player is responsible for their own shorts and soccer socks (see shin guards above). The color does not matter for the shorts or soccer socks.

6) How do I know which age group (C5, U6, U7, U8, U9/10, U11/12, U13/14) my child is in?

The yearly MSA soccer season corresponds to the school year; August 1st to July 31st. The appropriate age group is based on the age your child turns between August 1st to July 31st.  For example, if a child’s birthday is April 15, 2000, for the fall 2012/spring 2013 season that child will play in the U13 age group since he/she would be turning 12 on April 15, 2012.

7) Why is it C5 instead of U5 like the other age groups?

The C5 age group is the only coed age group. The C stands for coed.

8) Why are there no U9, U11, U13 age groups?

In order to have enough players on teams, MSA combines the U9 and U10, the U11 and U12 and the U13 and U14 age groups.

9) What does the team number B0710 mean?

MSA numbers each team. The first digit is a letter; B for boy, G for girl, C for coed. The five year old division is the only division which is coed.  The second and third digits (in this case 07) are the age division. 07 is for seven year olds. The age division for the child is determined by how old the child will be on their birthday between August 1st and July 31st.  The fourth and fifth digits are the team number. In this example this is team 10 in the boys U7 division.

10) When are practices held?

Each coach determines their own practice schedule. Practice is usually one night a week for an hour. Practice times typically start between 5:00 and 7:00.

11) When are game matches held?

Game Matches are held on Saturdays with a starting time anywhere from 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.

12) Do you honor requests for carpooling or specific coaches?

No. The only way two children can request to be on the same team is if their parents agree to be Coach and Assistant Coach of that team. Although our coaches appreciate requests from their returning players, please prepare your child for a coaching change.

13) Can my child play up (or down) an age group?

No.  The MSA Board has a resolution (in accordance with OhioYouth Soccer Association North (OYSAN) rules) requiring players to play in their appropriate age group.  There are no exceptions to players playing 'up' an age group.  OYSAN realizes that there are special medical and health considerations for a player to play 'down' an age group.  A written explanation from the child's doctor is required for a child to play 'down' an age group.

14) Can my child wear earrings to play? What if my child just has his/her ears pierced?

No, because this could be dangerous to them or another player. And that goes for boys, too. 

How about players with medical problems? 
Players may wear medicalert necklaces or bracelets, but they must be taped down. That will make them less dangerous to others. 

How about religious items? 
Players may also wear certain religious items that are not dangerous and not likely to provide the player with an unfair advantage.  However, simply because an item looks religious in nature, such as an earring in the shape of a cross, does not put the item into the religious jewelry category.  What a referee must consider is whether the player's religion requires that the item be worn.  If that is the case, then a referee should allow it to be worn; however, the referee must ensure that it is safe and is not dangerous to any of the players on the field.  Sometimes religious or medical alert jewelry can be made safe by taping it.  Remember, earrings are not religious or medical in nature.

15) What are the program costs?

The cost for our Recreation Soccer Program is $80 per season. Seasons will typically consist of 7 games, with most game days being Saturday.
Game schedules/locations, and practice schedules/locations are determined after registration is complete and teams have been created.