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Did You Know??

1) Did you know the MSA has been around for 45 years as of 2022?

2) Did you know there are over 650 children that play Medina REC soccer, 325 for Medina travel (Classics & Rangers), and 10 in the Medina adult league?

3) Did you know MSA utilizes 5 locations with soccer fields that are used each season? There are a total of over 20 fields that were most recently used. (Number of fields depends on size of fields that are used each season)

4) Did you know that MSA has their own indoor facility The Hive which is located in Medina Township?

5) Did you know the MSA has their annual MIST Soccer tournament in Medina with over 150 teams competing from different cities and states? This year is in its 26th year?

6) Did you know the Medina’s travel teams play in the OHTSL Soccer league which has over 80 communities with 840 teams in it and is a member of US Club Soccer? Teams are for ages U9 thru U15.

7) Did you know that each Classic’s or Ranger’s age group normally has 2-3 teams in it?

8) Did you know that the cost of Medina’s travel programs is about 1/3 the cost of club soccer teams?

9) Did you know that both Classic and Ranger’s teams have paid age group trainers just like most club teams. These trainers are responsible for coaching providing direction for the entire age group.

10) Did you know that current Medina Rec seasons are 8 games, Travel seasons are 8 games plus tournaments?

11) Did you know that in 2022 MSA started Soccer Days for the REC players which is an end of the year tournament?

12) Did you know that MSA provides two $1000.00 scholarships to graduating seniors that have participated in MSA and played for the Medina High School teams?

13) Did you know that to fix/repair a soccer field could cost up to $10,000.00 depending on the size of the field and how much damage there is?

14) Did you know that there are different areas you can volunteer with for MSA: The Board, MIST Committee, Team Managers, Scheduling Assistants, and Coaches?

15) Did you know that Medina Rangers has changed their colors over the years from red, white, and blue, to red, black, and white in 2014 and in 2017 season the colors were changed again to green, white, and yellow to go along with Medina High School colors?

16) Did you know that both of our travel programs - Rangers and Classics - work closely with the Medina High School Boys and Girls Soccer Coaches? On both sides, the High School coaches many times are involved in coaching select MSA Travel teams.

17) Did you know that MSA can award “Scholarships” each season to players that don’t have the ability to pay? No player is ever turned away because they cannot pay, and the Joe Ruple Scholarship Fund can help.

18) Did you know that MSA is responsible for cost of all goals, nets, flags, field paint, signs, Ref fees, mowing of grass, restrooms and field repairs each season?

19) Did you know that MSA or the High School Boys or Girls Teams hold a yearly fundraiser, all proceeds are shared between the three organizations.

20) Did you know that the Boys and Girls High School Teams are consistently ranked as one of the top teams in the state of Ohio each season?

21) Did you know there is Medina Soccer Spirit Wear available to parents and players for purchase on our website?

22) Did you know that the Board of Directors for MSA is made up of volunteers?

23) Did you know that MSA offers various sponsorship opportunities to companies or families?

24) Did you know that in 2018 MSA started the Little Bee Program designed for 3–4-year-old players?

25) Did you know that MSA partners with TopSoccer which is a program for players with disabilities?

26) Did you know that most soccer programs create teams by a player’s birth year and not by age?

27) Did you know that MSA partnered with CVSA in 2018 to give our players a place to play club soccer if they wanted, but will also allow them to keep playing for the MSA travel teams?